License Managagement & Automation System

A tailor engineered Software License Management solution to simplify, optimize and automate your licensing requirement.

A License Management Solution

A Software License Management Solution (SLMS) is used to maintain the process of managing software licenses from a single console. A software license is a legal document that provides rules and guidelines on the usage and distribution of the software products. This document usually contains terms and conditions, restrictions, limitations, and disclaimers.

The objective of the a License automation system is to manage product assets along with software license creation, editing, deleting and report generation of how software is installed and used. It helps the organization to maintain the inventory of the licenses and implementing necessary licensing compliance in terms of legal conditions of software usage.

Cross Platform Licensing Solution

AuthGuru offers licensing solution for all popular operating system platforms. Encryption and licensing may implement with wrapper and security APIs. You are allowed to choose licensing keys as per requirement – software and hardware keys.

Platform Supported

Powerful exe wrapper for quick exe protection and APIs to customize security available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Programming Languages

Well defined security APIs available for C, C++, C#, VB, VB .Net, Java, Delphi and many more.

Licensing Models

All popular licensing models are available such as Perpetual, Trial, time bound, Subscription licenses.

Key Features & Benefit

Organize Software Assets

You may create a store list of products at single place, so that whenever you created a license you do not need to write product details again. This helps you minimize the error of entering wrong detail of a product which may cause creating a right license for a wrong product.

Entitlement Management

A most common licensing model type, valid for indefinite time. This works where software is being sold against onetime payment. User is allow to use the software forever.

License Inventory Management

License inventory helps you maintain the license management such as license creation, editing, deleting, and downloading a license. It helps you keep track of the status of the license file how and when the license is used. Further detailed information of a license can be collected from the license reports.

Tracking License Lifecycle

At any given time, a license could in any of these state – created, edited, deleted, under approval, approved, downloaded and shared. AuthGuru SLM helps you keep track of any license file, in which state currently the license is. This helps to minimize any delay or control unwanted operation.

Report Generation

Reports plays very important role in analysing licensing history as it provides accurate data based on operations carried out. The report management section provide searching and filtering features to get optimum result. AuthGuru SLM provides comprehensive reports that can be viewed on screen, copied to clipboard and shared as a file by downloading in pdf, excel and csv format.

Audit & Compliance Ready

Audit and compliances are used to track that your business is using the right process which are specifically developed to achieve your business goals. AuthGuru SLM is operated with controlled access, and report management helps in business audits and compliances such as operation audit, compliance audit, IT audit etc. This increases your efficiency and reduces stress.